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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Presentations on Multiphase Flow

Its always nice to keep a directory loaded with presentations that contain valuable information such as modeling basics, some applications, discussions that we come across quite frequently. Sometimes, when I run out of ideas as to what kind of modeling should I consider or concerns regarding the physical approximations, an quick glimpse of some presentation slides provide me with the much needed break.

I am trying to load the blog with some presentations that I came across recently

An workshop conducted in Michigan State on MP flows with discussions and applications is available here state.ppt

CFD usage in particle separation etc (from Alstom site)

the above site clearly shows the industrial CFD procedures - what the industrial CFDers really want to look at etc..its more of a perspective based presentation ..not too much tech :)

A nice presentation by Dr. Pannala (MFIX guy)

Another work by Dr. Syamlal - (The guy from Syamlal - Obrien model in Gas-Solid flows)

A general publication on mixing layers and particle dispersion :

An presentation on Solid phase systems (transport of solid particles)

CFD code validation study from Canada:
(has some nice modeling part inside !!)

CFD Presentation on multi-poly-dispersed flows :

 CFD in Bio-Respiratory work: 

Multiphase CFD applications in Fluidized beds (a nice one ..I will probably use this later ?) 

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