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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fluent UDF Programming : Guides / References to User Defined Function Implementation

An guide to programming in Fluent can be found from the Stanford site

with details of data structure (Data Structures Using C), variable macro description and usage, journal files, batch execution, automatic adaptation, optimization (including procedure). A good reference that comes handy.

The complete Fluent 6.3 manual for UDFs can be downloaded from

With this file, it should be straightforward to create and work on your own physical/numerical modeling.

I came across this CFD FAQ in

describing typical user conversations on errors, not able to interpret/compile UDFs similar to CFD-online discussions. Some details are nicely explained and makes sure that we know what we are doing !

Found this thesis:
with some nice UDF implementation for properties and coupling with FIDAP.

udf Usage for modeling evaporation (Assessment of convection, conduction, and evaporation in nucleate boiling (NASA technical note)), mass transfer etc :

udf usage for particle trapping:

udf usage for momentum source :

udf for predicting particle deposition frequency:

udf for predefined pictch heave motion :

udf for calculation of second law of thermodynamics (really nice one!)

UDF for varying CFD boundary conditions + stratified energy storage:

UDF : setting target mass flow rate in pressure outlet, and some matlab data processing routines.

UDF listings for source terms implementation:

UDF's for calculating temperature dependent properties of single species and mixture

Nice UDF implementation for Chemical Vapor deposition modeling !


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  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope I can provide more discussions and documents to the CFD community.

    Keep CFDing !

  3. thanks for the links

  4. Thanks so much for the links!! Unfortunately this link is not available anymore:

    "udf for calculation of second law of thermodynamics (really nice one!) "

    How may I find it?


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