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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fluent applications / queries : Airfoils, Waves in tanks,...

I try posting some interesting queries / how-to-do's using Fluent - Fluent Files etc here. Recently, I came across this thread "trying to generate a wave inside an enclosure containing liquid - gas interfaces". Nice application.

(Img src:

Student tutorial is available for this purpose with links to download tutorial files:
PDF version of the set up is available here:

Also, I found this thread helpful:

2. Flow over Airfoil problem is elaborated here - including meshing attributes and Fluent runs

Nice discussion thread on comparing the airfoil simulation data and simulation results

3. For people who have tried to convert Ansys CFX to Fluent files this thread could be helpful:

4. For species simulations, how about an thread for modeling biomass combustion with species transport model

Ofcourse, many can find what they are looking for in various CFD threads. I rather, try accumulating all the important topics / discussions from all the sources I come across so that other CFD researchers can simply use that time for something better !

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