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Friday, January 22, 2010

CFD multiphase simulations : Cavitation Modeling Papers

Many multiphase CFD studies such as those of bubbly flows find extensive industrial applications which in turn induces higher interest among researchers to push for achieving higher level of details. It wouldnt be wrong if we call 'cavitation' as one of the most sought physical phenomena involving multiphase flow that has attracted so many academicians and industrial research fellows all around the world.

Cavitation, for its part, find applications right from your house pump to complicated industrial mixing devices, such as spray applicators, injectors in automotive units, in ultrasonics industry (sono-luminescence) to just quote a few.

The interest has been so over whelming...that conferences among the world have started dedicating separate sessions on cavitation - experiments, numerical simulations, modeling...

Having worked with this unique multiphase flow application myself, I have often wondered how everytime I dig into the fundamental nature of this process, it unveils a completely different nature that keeps me wandering around the far, having done some serious numerical computations (using incompressible, compressible, analytical modeling ..just not experiments yet...well wait..i did produce cavitation using airfoils in a simple lab experiment..nope that doesnt count? ), I thought this special topic requires some nice postings so that people can find it useful to reference and compare their own work with peers.

Several colleagues have come over to my desk inquiring .."hey, do you have any information / notes concerning bubble dynamics? " and i go, wow..there is an entire book available on this topic ..for FREE !

The cavitation and bubble dynamics book by Dr. Brennan should be your first reference to cite and read !

The book is available as html , pdf etc...Nice images of cavitating process - vortex type, chain, cloud cavitation are alllll available !!

1. Find multiphase modeling of super cavitating flows here: Publication text by Kunz et al.

2. On Propellar sheet cavitation:

3. By the way, I find a complete list of papers to follow, read, quote / reference and use for my own work from the listing of CAV2001 symposium !!

Its free for download based on category (within cavitation ofcourse !) : bubbly flows, erosion, turbomachinery, vortex type...

4. Cavitation in Pumps:

5. Cavitation Simulation : Shock Emission

6. Dispersion in Cavitating Flows

7. Dr. Kunz's work on Pump Cavitation

8. Here is an article on Vortex Cavitation !

If you notice the commercial CFD vendors, here is my take on their release versions:

Everytime, a new release is made by the software...from version v.x to v.y etc, notice that, on most occasions, there is some type of enhancement to cavitation prediction claimed by the software developers! Now, that should shed a lot of light on how much the industrial expectation out of these vendors to predict most accurate results !!! Experimentally, work on cavitation has been quite extensive as well. However, I fail to report their stand owing to my strong belief in numerical modeling ;)

Some other cavitation models other than the conventional (familiar ones) can be accessed here

a recent article on tracking cavitation as a scalar: doi:10.1016/j.apm.2008.02.005 

Homogeneous equilibrium modeling approaches:


2. (Dr. Schmidt's work)

3. Found one in the cav2001 symposium :

4. Found another one but not able to link it from ICLASS 2006 based on HEM

Title: "Computational investigation of cavitating injectors flows using Homogeneous Equilibrium Model supplemented with a pressure correction equation" using openFOAM
Paper 06-087, ICLASS 06, Kyoto, Japan, 2006.

While looking for cavitation and corrosion, I found this book link: useful i guess

Happy Cavitating !!!!

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