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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ebook / openFoam lectures, documents download

I came across this ebook website where one can download softcopy of openFoam and its applications related ppt, pdfs..

Other openFoam Lecture notes:

openFoam lecture notes for heat transfer problems can be found here

Some case studies using openFoam

1. - ERCOFTAC Centrifugal pump simulation using openFoam

CFD-online thread on the ERCOFTAC case study

2. - Vortex control case study

3. - Transonic compressible flow Case study

4. - Nice 3D steady state turbulent simulation runs using openFoam

5. - openFoam case study on supersonic flow in mixed combustion process

6. - openFoam case study in component development

7. - openFoam discussions pertaining to conjugateHeatTransfer

8. - viscoelastic problems using openFoam

9. - Nice publication discussing the strategies available in openFoam and importantly which one to be used under the given conditions.

If you have any document links, websites that provide openFoam case studies, kindly pass on.

Hope these links were helpful.

Monday, December 21, 2009

openFoam theses / blogs / links ..

Having "foamed" quite extensively in the past, I have come across this web server, I am sure, most of them are familiar with..providing updated theses / projects using openFoam.

Most my work have involved multiphase flow modeling for which I highly recommend reading the works of Rushche (has the OF VOF scheme MULES implementation), Ubbink (CICSAM scheme), Eugene's work, Hrvoje's schemes, to name a few.

Dr. Jasak's own site provide a neat coverage:

These provide, superb, fundamental understanding of the CFD process, from ground ZERO and up !...Going through these theses work and other papers, truly evokes the real essence of CFD. The possibilities with OF, in my opinion, are endless. Given that there are separate forums for OF in CFD-ONLINE and recent tecplot's introduction of a foam to tecplot convertor provides the status of openFoam's status and that of opensource CFD :)

foamtoTecplot convertor information is available here

some courses on OF:

ofcourse the cham's course:

They do have a PhD course using openSource CFD

OF course - call for's :

5. Beingrid news :
the CFD--review stuff
-Some notes on OF

I found the other sites on OF blogging interesting to follow and get updates from - cool stuff on fluid mechanics, OF

Some MP guys discussing OF related stuff

I came across some OF presentations giving some interesting leads on recent advances in bubble-particle interaction using OF, high pressure real gas flows, coupling FOAM with FEM structural solvers using PYTHON (PDF copy downloadable?)

Another very good application: CFD for Nuclear Safety Analysis using ANSYS CFX, OpenFoam can be found here

For Aero guys, I came across this nice little introductory work: Flow over Joukowski Airfoil and comparing Fluent vs OpenFoam results for drag, lift etc...

On heat transfer area, I also would like to share this interesting work on the numerical simulation of plain fin and tube heat exchangers using Foam. This is a master's thesis type work by Hansen, detailing the numerical investigation of heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of a two-row plain fin and tube heat exchanger..I found the thesis link provided below

The thesis has some good experimental and numerical comparisons with different turbulent models ...really good literature work, in my opinion.

This is probably an incomplete post of mine on Foaming..I have tons of stuff to share..including several websites that are extremely helpful in getting introduced to foaming, getting sucked into the world of coding and gettting really fruitful images..the ones that do not come out of a blackbox CFD software - rather the input of your schemes etc...

I shall keep posting some more links..and hopefully they end up being useful..

IF you can help me with some links on CFD schemes / methods / or anything you would like to share in this agenda, feel free to drop by a message.

/CFDtoy ..

Friday, December 18, 2009

CFD calender of Events

I personally found the website to be particularly helpful in identifying conferences (try locating some nice places to visit)

and ofcourse the cfd-online events site

othersites that provide quite valuable information include

Feel free to send me other website that give comprehensive list of conference listings..

Workshops/Seminars listings:

Comprehensive resources on CFD

I will update these posts as much as possible ...


Being part of the CFD group, I have always wanted to set up some kind of a summary ..a blog..of the various "intellectual" discussions that I, 'often' come across in the CFD community..So, here is a chance ..I am making it happen.

I have, on most occasions, happen to visit some researchers website which includes some cool tools and immediately have tried my hand in adding them to favorites or bookmarking them..only to find them lost in the set of infinite bookmarks themes..often ranging from ..oh wait..lemme alt+B to take a peek..ah..yeah ...themes ranging all the way from buying a house, CFD techniques, conferences, deals, Fluent, fortan to Journals_, latex+ to name a few.

Well, in this blog, I will try to keep up to some of the fantastic websites that i come across ..that i personally feel are particularly useful for the young,mid and old engineering faithfuls ..

Since, im also part of the CFD-online discussion forums which has long been my first website to open in case my mind is burgled with some fluid related questions..I will be linking this blog to some of the threads i have found useful and have been involved in as well...

hope this enlightens most of the "tool searchers in the web" including me ...and help us find each other in the unmerciful sea of CFD !>!

btw, if you find any tools / websites that is worth sharing to the CFD community..please ..and yep you heard me ..plz..pass on the link ...


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