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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Multiphase Applications - Spray Breakup Simulations using VOF

From time to time, I come across some nice articles on VOF applications - also call them "cool multiphase applications" since most VOF runs typically try representing an "actual physical process". Note that the requirements for VOF are similar to DNS in the sense that as the mesh refinement is increased, better and better approximation of the physical phenomena is reached. Isnt it? Think about applications of VOF?

-Spray breakup modeling - when you actually animate the VOF runs - seems like there is a real spray started ..!!

- Droplet splash - now this has been beaten down several times and authors have proven that with nice refinement, one can present results which really puts the user in a stiff situation..which one is the experiment and which one represents simulation !! (Well, after properly rendering the volume fraction iso-surfaces etc )

-Boiling ...a very nice application - still researchers use this as standard benchmarking

-Sloshing, Spilling etc...VOF has been found to be an excellent tool to get these process nicely re-constructed in the virtual environment ..

I could keep adding to the links here ...VOF applications although, at times, forces the computers burn their guts out ...often end with some nice results which, at the end, prove heart warming.

I have been following several VOF applications - being a developer myself - and use of VOF in Spray breakup (primary breakup part) has been quite thrilling. I am posting some videos of Spray breakup using VOF (using openFoam). I contacted several authors long time ago to see if they have any images / videos that they could provide - just to get a glimpse of their research.

Some nice work I have been following

1. Dr. Hermann's work :

Check out the images in (liquid jet atomization in cross flows).

LES of Atomization using VOF techniques

2. I came across this paper "Numerical investigation on the disintegration of round turbulent liquid jets using LES/VOF techniques", Srinivasan et al., Atomization & Sprays, 2008.

Based on their work, using openFoam, I found some movies that I post here for guests view :)

Case - liquid jet velocity = 20 m/s in staganant gas

Case - Liquid Jet Velocity = 5 m/s in Stagnant gas

I will post some more videos of other breakup modeling work by researchers. Browsing along, one may be easily able to find vof simulations of droplet splashing, boiling etc which is why I left it out of the current discussion.

Kindly let me know your thoughts and comments. If you have something to share, kindly post your comments.



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