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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CFD Publications : Download, Share and Reference

On several occasions, I come across listing of publications/ conference papers available for free download for educational purpose and would try to mark the website for future reference. But, however, in time, I lose track of such nice websites and the link to those papers I wanted to download and read then. This has been a constant challenge to me and I hope, by creating this blog, I can put several listings on lectures / journals etc together and make them freely accessible to others.

Papers from NETL - the Energy Lab workshop on multiphase flow science (Fundamentals of Multiphase Flow) is available for download

The NETL workshop has some exciting papers on transport phenomena such as fluidisation CFD, discussions regarding MFIX, multi-scale CFD simulations count a few.

Publications from the Institue for corrosion and multiphase technology can be found at

The Ohio site has listings of patents - particularly in the area of slug flow, sediment transport etc. Interested people can take a look at these drafts at

Dr. Pai's site has some nice listings on modeling of droplet dispersion, DNS, LES, Sprays etc.. (only few papers are available for download)

Several part of his work such as spray modeling (DNS, LES etc) are very famous and definitely be in my reference list while publishing in these areas.

Also, the website provides a comprehensive list of CFD conference proceedings from 1997 to 2008 !!! Publications of varying interest in the CFD area such as Electromagnetic processes, Mixing and turbulence, power generation, flash melting, numerical methods, fluidised beds, stirred tanks, casting, combustion / particle flows are available by categories. One can choose the papers to download by organizing by authorship as well.

For example, Papers on Mixing and Turbulence from 1997 CFD conference proceedings can be downloaded from

Download the proceedings of openSource CFD International Conference 2008 from here

Download complete listings of Univ Iowa based researcher Dr. Becker's papers on phase change modeling !!

Also, provides the list directly.

Dr. Kirby's work (univ of Delaware) can be obtained from

The website  can be used to download publications from the 42nd conference on simulation and modeling organized by the Scandinavian Simulation Society. The complete list organized by session is available for download.

More archival publication listings (complete from 1998 - present) of the society of petroleum engineers can be accessed through

The publication has nice discussions ranging from energy to technical issues in modeling / simulation (Principles of Modeling and Simulation: A Multidisciplinary Approach, Theory of Modeling and Simulation, Second Edition).

I will be adding some more listings for easy access to fellow CFDers and Fluid dynamics researchers :)

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