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Friday, January 15, 2010

CFD Simulations (Animations ?)

I came across nice animations of free surface flows from the CFD team of Dr. Veldman (

The familiar droplet bouncing problem treated by the CFD group is shown below.

The work on 3D dambreaking problem is shown below.

The website for downloading some impressive videos on Free surface flows can be found at

Sample simulations of Free surface modeling is also available in the Univ Iowa website

A sample video downloaded from their site is posted here.

Flow over a Weir

An fire simulation is also available in the groups' site

Materials on : An introduction to CFD is available in their main page

Other handouts can be downloaded from

An virtual album of fluid flow can be viewed at :

These videos are copyrighted and have been posted here for educational purposes only. You can contact the respective institutions for further information.

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