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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Multiphase Codes - SOLA VOF for interface tracking

In one way or other, researchers in the multiphase area, especially those seeking to identify and capture distinct interface between liquid / liquid or liquid -gas, have come across the SOLA VOF code.

A publication on the computational method for free surface hydrodynamics (SOLA VOF method) can be found here.

Discussions in the cfd-online forum pertaining to the availability of the free VOF code - SOLA VOF is linked here

In particular, one of the guests posts the link to the download of the report containing the SOLA VOF code -in an as-is basis. The LANL server hosts the file (link below)

The report above, contains the complete description of the solution derivation of the transient fluid flow with free boundaries (2D computer program)


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