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Monday, January 11, 2010

Fluid Mechanics / Dynamics : Lecture Notes, Applets..

I came across this 350+ page lecture notes "Fluid Mechanics for Civil Engineers" by Bruce Hunt of Univ of Canterbury and straightaway, having read a few chapters, included it in my important online book list.

The chapters listed in the book include
1. Fundamental eqns of fluid motion (such as Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics)
2. Fluid Statics
3. Control Volume Methods (There you go..nice fundamental description)
4. Differential eqn methods
5. Irrotational Flow
6. Laminar / Turb flow
7. Boundary layer aspects
8. Drag / Lift theories and discussions
9. Dimensional analysis and model similitude (now im gathering my undergrad
10. Steady pipe / open channel flows
11. unsteady pipe and open channel flows

I kinda liked the overall description provided in the notes..its pretty easy to understand and numerics are well organized.

Another nice lecture notes I found in the web:

This is the Univ Iowa's Dr. Stern's course on mechanics of fluids and transport processes. Contains some nice
chapters and discussions.

Applets / Calculators

This is an yet another fluid applet that I recently came across. An Rotating U-tube Applet !!
Check it out here

Another Water-Mercury Manometer applet developed by UT Austin guys

Some more sweet applets !!

Looking at the impulse-momentum principle using Applets (from UT austin again)

Hydrofoil flow Applet:

I just listed a few applets that I was viewing...Find more applets and cool fluid stuff from Prof. Kinnas lab here.

With some knowledge in JAVA, the fundamental fluid mechanics (An Introduction to Fluid Dynamics) can be churned into nice movie type models....I guess, these java applets induce more curiosity among the undergrad/grad students to learn more about fluid systems ..conventional chalk boards definitely need to be replaced ?

Let me know if this information (the lecture notes / online applets) were helpful.

Books to read: Fluid Flow Handbook, Introduction to Mathematical Fluid Dynamics (Dover Books on Physics)

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