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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

CFD Simulations : Boiling Channel Flows Num Simulations / Experiments

Boiling channel/tube flows is one of the foremost process where use of multiphase modeling comes in handy. Several researchers have devoted their time and money in developing/adjusting the existing MP models specifically suited for their specific needs such as - to simulate MP flows in boiling chambers, nuclear reactors, tubes and containers to name a few (Boiling Heat Transfer And Two-Phase Flow (Series in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering), Boiling Heat Transfer and Two-Phase Flow). As a result, there are numerous publications in this area and to add, most of them are unique in their own way, in a sense that, each article provides a different insight into the modeling criteria and the assumptions used to treat the process.

Modeling in convective-in-tube systems:

MP Boiling applications find extensive use in microscale heat transfer flows and eventually help in designing systems to relieve vapor clot, removing bubbly flow altogether or enhancing it, modulating the curvature of the flow for better heat transfer characteristics etc..(Heat Transfer in Boiling Metals by Natural Convection, Boiling Heat Transfer: Modern Developments and Advances)

The article
presents a good review of the fundamentals of microscale flow heat transfer.

Also, note, a experimental study for one's numerical validation: Experimental work on saturated flow boiling in micro channels

I found the work by Dr. Mudawar on flow boiling heat transfer in microchannels : development of two-phase flow model quite interesting..Take a look here

PhD work by Dr. Geisler in the area of buoyancy driven 2phase flow and boiling heat transfer in channels,

gives a nice review of the modeling and experiments.

Also, find a good review of flow instabilities arising in boiling 2phase flow in natural circulation systems

Find Several Journal papers of Dr. Kandlikar's group doing heat transfer studies (multiphase experiments)

Find multiple journal articles available for download from the Multiphase lab from Israel inst of tech.

I am quite thrilled by the use of mp models for boiling purposes. For ex. treatment of wall heat flux using RPI boiling model, to convert Q to Twall is a nice procedure. These are modeling innovations one must definitely appreciate.

For a quick review on boiling heat transfer models / applications: I, on most occasions, look to the WLV handbook. It has been quite useful in providing you with quick information that one would otherwise have to obtain using advanced text books.
(Chapter on boiling heat transfer on external surfaces)

Another favorite handbook of mine is

- has nice descriptions of boiling heat transfer with quick graphs, plots, brief theories, heat transfer correlations and schematics for easy understanding..

Other applications of boiling heat transfer:
(boiling heat transfer in silicon microchannel arrays)

CFD modeling of subcooled flow boiling in nuclear sector (CFX software) - the article contains description of the forces, numerical treatment of the heat transfer problem etc..
(contains forced convective boiling in channels)

Subcooled boiling near wall

Modeling liquid velocity near wall during boiling flow

If you have any specific paper/work that you would like me to add here, kindly let me know.


  1. please could you give simulations in fluent for micro-channel laminar flows

  2. Hi,
    A very nice and useful place!

    I am trying to simulate boiling in liquid metals and wish to begin simulating water. Would you know any good reference I may validate the results with. I want to use FLUENT's nucleate boiling model. I would be grateful for your help.



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