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Thursday, January 7, 2010

CFD Notes : Basic CFD ?

At some point of time in a CFDist career, they must have wondered if there were better notes/course lectures available from other professors / universities to guide them ...better? Well, we are past that ..but definitely it is worth refreshing time to time to augment one's understanding of the basics...what if ....we had got it all wrong so far..may be a good time to restart from scratch, eh ?

1. CFD notes from Stefan Walin

Some additional computer resource information available from

2. Applied CFD course with some cases - discussions on numerical diffusion etc..

3. Flow3D site providing some basics-

4. Notes from Dr. Xue: Nice chapters on fundamental to PDE, Finite Difference, Hyperbolic/elliptic eqn solvers, Semi-lagrangian methods, Spectral methods..

5. Neat diary of dimensional analysis, non-viscous, real fluids with elements of aerodynamics, compressible flows studies..

6. Mich. State course on Computer aided design of thermal systems...

ofcourse, searching the web, one could find better course notes for sure...More updates on advanced course notes will be made available later in this blog...

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