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Friday, September 16, 2011

Conference presentations from ILASS Europe

The 24th European conference on liquid atomization and spray systems took place from Sep 5-7 2011 in portugal.

Site link:

Very nice papers were presented and interestingly enough, all the papers have been made public, downloadable and usable. Great!

Topics of interest include: numerical simulation of jets, sprays, heat transfer, phase change and experiments on the spray systems. I follow both ILASS and ICLASS conference with great interest. Some of the papers easily make it into Atomization and sprays Journal!

For someone interested in engine modeling (combustion, sprays, engine design etc), this is a perfect place to be associated with.

The conference is very good and provides nice collaborative atmosphere. And more importantly dont forget, for young researchers from universities, it is possible to get fund for traveling to the conference

Take a look here: and make use of this. All you need to do is send Resume and apply!

ofcourse, you can browse previous ILASS Europe conference presentations and download them single or completely (zipped files) from

I have some more material to share on spray and other Multiphase modeling items which I will post as soon as possible.

If you have any related publication material for showcase, please comment on the blog and post link to your research site, thesis or publication link.


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