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Sunday, June 26, 2011

OpenFoam: Developments and Resources...

Time and again, new developments in the form of updates, conferences on openfoam providing CFD-users, modelers, validation specialists with enriching experience takes place and I am once again thrilled to follow up on them.

Recently, openfoam workshop 2011 was held in Penn State Univ, USA.

Within the site, they uploaded a blog posted by a workshop attendee is available. I am re-pasting it here for our users

OpenFoam workshop presentation abstracts and some slides are available for each day here

(Click date and then progress into the day program and click/download abstracts, slides etc). Nice presentations on meshing, multizone multiphysics solvers, combustion etc.

Again, what I really like again and again, ...ITS ALL FREE to download, review, discuss and use !! What an amazing thing for the international community.

For example: the document from OF workshop,

nicely presents tools and modeling procedure in OF pertaining to Atmospheric boundary layer problems..Clearly indicates how to create input files, what to append, solvers to use and what to expect etc...well done !

I came across this site for OpenFoam users in FINLAND - But I am sure everyone can gain something from it -

Recently, openFoam developer Dr.Jasak, made a presentation on the recent / current development work in OF on the Dutch OpenFoam Day in TU Delft, Netherlands. Document is available here

The document shows nice plan /developmental activities for Shape optimization, turbomachinery, wall film modeling, meshing upgrades and grid technology with OpenFoam.

Another nice blog by a OF user with tricks/tips in OF:

Some more forum discussions other than in cfd-online on OF here:

I have found several more documents that OF users posted in their own blogs and will try to connect our CFD blog with others'

Keep flowing !


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