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Monday, March 28, 2011

OpenFoam news and update

The openFoam community is growing much faster than anticipated and researchers are pouring in to implement new models, new methods within the openFoam framework for obtaining research specific results.

Good thing is ...the models generated by a researcher in openFoam can be tracked, understood and bettered by another modeler ..Thanks to the universal template.

Recent updates from the openFOAM world can be obtained from

One of the new entries into the OF family is the PIMPLE (PISO/SIMPLE merged version)..Not really a new concept though ..take a look at some old publications

Some commercial codes like AVL FIRE and others (i cant seem to recollect) - already have similar implementations - combining PISO/SIMPLE etc - working very well for them. FIRE has a two stage pressure correction method which they robustly use for engine applications (did some research on that more robust results and very stable)..

Some publications based on this PIMPLE have already started to appear on the recent conferences such as this paper:


2. A nice article on PIMPLE based solidification modeling using OPENFOAM. The article has nice details of the implementation part. Download it from the link below

3. Different mesh motion alternatives and related implementation has been reported in a article below

The above link has some nice (very nice :)) descriptions of equations on how to implement mesh motion in OF...I certainly loved going over these details ..although most of them are familiar to all of us, little re-read is always helpful.

Also, you can browse, read and download all papers of ECCOMAS 2010, which has lots of OF related papers, from

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