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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Paper & Publications from Conferences

In a recent post, a fellow CFD user posted the following link to a set of CFD papers presented at the 10th International congress of fluid dynamics in Egypt (16-19 Dec, 2010).

Conference topics included:

1. Aeroacoustics.
2. Aero-elasticity Applications.
3. Air Conditioning Applications.
4 Applied Aerodynamics.
5. Computational Fluid Dynamics.
6. Experimental Fluid Dynamics.
7. Flow Control and Diagnostics.
8. Flow-Induced Vibration.
9. Fluid Mechanics Applications in Bioengineering.
10. Heat Transfer and Fluid Mechanics.
11. High-Speed Flow.
12. Mechatronics Applications.
13. MEMS and Microfluidics Applications.
14. Multiphase and Reacting Flows.
15. Nano Applications.
16. Propulsion.
17. Turbomachinery.

The papers can be downloaded from

Also, interestingly long time back, I came across the australian CSIRO site ( where you can download several conference proceedings involving several CFD applications, methods etc

For ex: Get all conference proceedings papers from the

The 1st International Conference on CFD in the Mineral & Metal Processing and Power Generation Industries"


Some of the papers are really good and gives lots of prospects for future research in CFD. They have all the papers from conferences starting 1997 till 2009 (so far).

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  1. Hello CFDToy,

    I saw some posts of yours on regarding the use of Fluent to model cavitation. I downloaded the thesis of Vedanth Srinivasan as you suggested in that discussion.

    My collaborators and I would like to model cavitation and bubble collapse for brain tumor fragmentation and aspiration. We would like a predictive model that uses either Fluent or something like OpenFoam, as well as a simplified interactive simulation based on an meshless CFD that approximates the former model.

    Do you have suggestions on addressing both types of simulation?


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