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Friday, December 18, 2009


Being part of the CFD group, I have always wanted to set up some kind of a summary ..a blog..of the various "intellectual" discussions that I, 'often' come across in the CFD community..So, here is a chance ..I am making it happen.

I have, on most occasions, happen to visit some researchers website which includes some cool tools and immediately have tried my hand in adding them to favorites or bookmarking them..only to find them lost in the set of infinite bookmarks themes..often ranging from ..oh wait..lemme alt+B to take a peek..ah..yeah ...themes ranging all the way from buying a house, CFD techniques, conferences, deals, Fluent, fortan to Journals_, latex+ to name a few.

Well, in this blog, I will try to keep up to some of the fantastic websites that i come across ..that i personally feel are particularly useful for the young,mid and old engineering faithfuls ..

Since, im also part of the CFD-online discussion forums which has long been my first website to open in case my mind is burgled with some fluid related questions..I will be linking this blog to some of the threads i have found useful and have been involved in as well...

hope this enlightens most of the "tool searchers in the web" including me ...and help us find each other in the unmerciful sea of CFD !>!

btw, if you find any tools / websites that is worth sharing to the CFD community..please ..and yep you heard me ..plz..pass on the link ...



  1. Congratulations on a great start to your CFD blog! A few months ago I was remarking to someone at ANSYS/Fluent that this world needed a stronger online community, and you are taking those steps.

    I would strongly advise that you consider another free blogging platform, such as The reason is, link-heavy posting such as yours will eventually be blocked as "splogs" by Blogger --- mine was, after months of postings --- and it is very hard to recover.

    My advice: (1) Back up all of your current postings as txt files (edit each, view the source, copy and save) (2) start a blog with the same "cfdtoy" designation (3) refer readers from here to there

    Pus, the styles are nicer ;)

  2. Hi, great to see your blog and I am actually taking the same effort on sharing my experiences to start communication between people. I have followed your blog and I guess it could be greater if we could exchange a link.

    My CFD blog address is:

    Happy to communicate :)


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